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Radio Silence

Friday, December 2, 2016

 When my alarm went off the morning of November 9th, 2016 I was afraid to turn on my radio, my television, my computer, or any form of communication that would give me the awful news I expected but just did not want to hear. Something in my bones had been telling me that we were about to look forward to a Trump presidency, a horror that I was just not able or ready to consider. When I had gone to bed the night before around 8:00 PM the results at that point didn't look too bad, the numbers were going back and forth with every 30 second update on my SmartPhone. One minute Florida was leaning towards Trump, the next it was going for Clinton. For weeks now everyone was saying and assuming that without a doubt Hillary Clinton would be our next President but I just did not have a good feeling.


I was not ready to face news that Donald Trump, this contemptible, reprehensible, treacherous, and dangerous monster was going to rule our land, a creature so vile and disgusting whose opinions were so divisive that just the topic of his becoming president could turn any civil conversation between sensible persons to a shouting match. Just the the thought of a Donald Trump presidency could cause food stuffs to roil in stomach acids, threatening to rise up, propelling the disgusting contents through the esophagus and out of the mouth in the proverbial "projectile" format. VOMIT!


Of course there are animals that will devour and find nourishment from the revolting regurgitated mess that results from the sickness of others, those who thrive as they scamper with excitement over the filth emitted, scavenging animals on their hands and knees, licking and lapping up the retch, the spew, the sickness that resulted from and been caused by this horrible human being's ranting, his sycophants, his despicables, his "deplorables", as they were once described.


As I stepped out of the shower and began drying my body I was thinking "I really don't want to hear who won", I didn't want to face reality, because despite what everyone had been projecting the election outcome would be I just knew they were wrong about a Clinton win. All the statistics calculated during all the polls which were announced between every radio break, all the experts on every news panels quoting their facts and figures as to how and why a Trump presidency could and would never occur, every interruption to a favorite song playing on the car radio as we drove to work or to the grocery store or to wherever our lives were taking us on any particular day; every other television commercial  between Jeopardy and the Wheel of Fortune or whatever show we were watching; the numerous news breaks that bombarded us during our evenings before going to bed, convincing us who our next leader would be, confirming the next day with headlines of "Well it looks like Clinton has an 86% chance of being our next president", despite all this, I knew that Trump was going to be our President.


I had predicted the Trump win weeks earlier and posted such to my so-called Facebook "friends". I shared my thoughts with co-workers and real-life friends as well, and despite the recipient of my dire prediction almost every response was I was being an idiotic, that there was no way Clinton would or could lose. "Where are you getting your news?" they would ask or "Stop bringing us down! Who made you a politics expert? They (the real experts) know what they are talking about." (and this next part is no exaggeration) I was told "Why don't you post pictures or your puppies or your workouts like I do, stop bringing us down with all your negativity!" So sure were they that Clinton was going to win they were all in denial.


I didn't care how "positive" they were with their Pollyanna expectations of our election, I continued to bring them down and more or less escalated my belief that our country would become the future playground of Putin's puppet. I started referring to the "Orange Hitler" and his religious fanatic near-cult-like running-mate choice as "President Trump" and "Vice-President Pence". My Facebook "friends" were so offended by my insistence that this country was in danger because I was so impassioned that Secretary Clinton should be our next leader, and even though 95% (guesstimate)  shared the same beliefs and hopes as I some started blocking, unfollowing, or simply ignoring me so about three weeks before we elected our Dictator and Governor of the future Russian province I stopped posting or sharing anymore thoughts and resolved to keep by "negative predictions' to myself thinking. "They'll see"


I felt like too many people were now just assuming that a Clinton presidency was a given... and in a vengeful sort of way I even started wanting the madman to win so I could say "SEE!!!! I told you so" as we would watch as Trump reversed everything President Obama had accomplished over the last eight years erasing from the history books all the progressive achievements the Democrats were able to bring about despite 8 years of Republican openly and publicly stating that their only agenda was to block everything our first African-American President had or planned to do; gay marriages would be threatened by nasty religious clerks denying people their rights based on their idiotic beliefs, as people of opposite faiths would begin facing discriminations and refusal of service because some fanatical "Christian" did not feel they could not be true to their God if they offered service to someone that did not share their same beliefs. Fears that our Muslim citizens begin to face even more discrimination leading to atrocities similar to those faced by World War II Jews being forced into segregation, eventually to portions of cities walled off into ghettos, their identities tattooed to their wrists or forced to wear icons of American hate so they can be further singled out as the rest of the world sits back thinking "this too shall pass" and the cower at the thought of an American madman holding nuclear codes giving him the ability to annihilate the world at his very whim.


I am a pessimist, I always have been and probably always will be. There was no level of optimistic and bemusing positive predictions of a Clinton win that could convince me Trump would not be our President. I totally expected that Trump and the Republicans would win this presidency even if they had to somehow steal the election. My goodness, we had the holy grail of the Supreme Court at stake, I'm sure even murder would be in the playing cards during this election process. The 1% had too much to lose to permit the likes of Hillary Clinton to become President and there was no way they were going to allow that to happen. What is really scary is that I really don't think the Republicans care for or want Trump as their king, my expectations is that the Republicans will never be satisfied with Trump and his wishy-washy flip-flopping. He will never appeal to the aspirations of Billionaire Domination, the fanatical Christian control of the world and would really prefer Pence as their President. Trump is being played by the same people he thinks he is playing. Pence is much more dangerous than Trump who is far more likely to work towards benefiting his name and family, thinking he's being clever at obtaining wealth beyond compare from the cowering world leadership and as they buy off his favors, all the while Pence and the "real" Republican leaders, many with the same aspirations are probably far more likely accomplish much more subversion and oppression once they turn America into the fanatical theocracy of which they dream. Of course this is my opinion, nothing based on fact... but at least I'm admitting this unlike the numerous "fake" news stories that are circulating, you know, those stories crazy enough to bring gunned southerners knocking at the doors of pizza parlors.


I work with a man, a Russian man, or I should say an American man who was once a citizen of the former U.S.S.R., who was and is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump (and as a side note a supporter of the annexing of Crimea; a vocal defender of anything the Russians or Putin say or do including the cracking down on homosexuals among other Russian atrocities). Whether its my co-worker's Russian heritage or simply an extension of his often and obvious racist points of view who as a white male living in an urban area frequently complains  of the not so "white" element of his fellow citizens (i.e. without saying it directly but through plenty of innuendo he often implies his hatred of the black race) and the goings on of any such notion as groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM). I mention him because my Russian "friend" was on my mind as I drove to work that morning while I purposely avoided any and all radio stations that might reveal the winner of the prior night's election and began to envision how he co-worker and all his pro-Trump rhetoric would be gloating that morning should there have been a victory of the "Orange Hitler" and the "new order" so I decided I had to know the results before I arrived at my desk. I needed to be prepared for the possible onslaught of "What a wonderful world this is going to be" statements I would be hearing through his still thick Russian accent and to my disappointment and not surprise, of course when I did turn to CNN or MSNBC or whatever station it was, I got the awful news that I had been fearing... TRUMP HAD WON! (See: Trump - Our Savior (666))


So I'm sure this blog among millions of others or perhaps even myself along with millions of once freedom enjoying citizens will one day (sooner than we think) end up on a "Putin Inspired" watch list of traitors and miscreants after January 20 when our dictator takes control of the nation following that dreaded January 2017 inauguration event, but in the mean time, until we are forced to undergo "gay", "atheist", "Muslim" and (yes possibly again) "Jewish" wrist tattoo registries; as our property becomes state controlled assets in an American inspired "Crystal-Nacht", all that we had worked for, our financial securities, our homes, our meager holdings are all used to further and enhance Trump's tyranny and eventual world domination by the wealthy and fanatical and we newly redefined "non-Americans, non-patriot traitors" are moved into internment camps along our Muslim brethren, where we sill sit and wait for our new Free White Leaders, the American Billionaires, and Christian fanatics to determine when and if our very existence has become too much of an expense burden that this new American-Russian territory can manage, an expense the newly privatized Social Security stockholders can not risk, a budgetary line item that can no longer be tolerated and Congress will finally pass a law after eight years of obstruction that will allow for, off in the distance kilns to be fired as the stench of burning human meat begins to permeate the air with their Trump, Pence, and Putin all electoral-college voter mandate to "Make America Great Again".


My country is lost and yes while it can, maybe, gain back of the forward moving progressiveness we have acquired it will be a long time before it can ever recover its reputation of a nation of goodness and generosity, a country that cares... in the meantime shame on you America... if a God truly exists then this country is not blessed, it is DAMNED!



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